Why bomber jackets are cool

5 things that make a leather bomber jacket cool

Why bomber jackets are cool

The famous stunt man Leslie Irvin first designed the b3 sheepskin bomber jacket. Now, people who follows the new trends are very much concerned that Why bomber jackets are cool? The US military air force clothing board use this design and produced the first original b3 bomber jacket in 1934. It was the time when the cockpit bombers needed an outfit that should be durable and super warm. They flew their fighter planes above 25000 feet from the ground. The average temperature of those altitudes is - 50℃. So, the US military made a leather jacket with fur to protect the pilots from frizzing temperatures. This jacket was a uniform of the US air force but soon the local public also started using it as a fashioned clothing item. 

As time passed, people made a lot of innovations and modifications in their daily life. Both women’s and men leather outfit were also updating their selves exactly like innovations. Various organizations introduced many new jacket features and designs. The most important thing to note is that these outfits never go uncool from the durable leather Varsity kind to the shearling fur. The men sheepskin leather jacket is the perfect outfit to wear at any season or function. The women are also too engaged in leather outfits for ladies.

5 things that make a leather bomber jacket cool

The leather bomber outfits were first made in WW1 and still are people’s favorite outfits. Many new stylish outfits are available in the market but this classic wear is much more popular among these.

The reason for the bomber jacket’s super coolness is its magnificent quality features and its trendiness. These quality features are extreme warmth, superb durability, luxury look, and trendiness.

You can read the below-detailed quality features of a leather bomber jacket that make it super cool and people’s favorite wardrobe item.

Extreme Warmth

The warmth ability is the most fantastic cool feature of the bomber jackets. These outfits include 100% genuine sheep shearling fur as an inner lining. It came from the sheep and lamb’s hire that are extremely warm. You can estimate the warmth capacity of this material by its manufacturing history. These jackets were first made for US pilots. They flew their plane at very high altitudes from the US to the whole of Europe. The wind and temperature at that altitudes could almost freeze the pilots. These leather bomber outfits’ shearling lining protected the pilots from those frizzing climates. No other lining can compete with this warmest inner lining. You can wear this outfit even if it is - 10℃ outside.

real shearling fur of original b3 bomber jacket

Massive Durability

The leather outfits are expensive but also have a long-term investment feature due to their amazing durability. This is also very effective reason for making bomber jackets cool. When you purchase a fine real leather outfit so, you don’t need to worry anymore about replacing it. These leather jackets are manufactured with the original sheep leather. It keeps much durability in it and could be used for even many months or even years. This leather is also more flexible and lightweight than the other leather types. This is using in most fashion leather apparel and small fashion leather accessories due to its durability and softness.

real leather that produce massive durability for original b3 bomber jacket

End-less Trend

The leather bomber shearling outer wears are a completely trendy item from their early introduction to this present time. It was used as a military uniform in its starting period but soon the local society people started to worn it. This outfit became a complete fashion item between the 1940 – 1950s. Hollywood also played a very vital role in leather products’ popularity. You can view many leather outfits in the past 1900s movies. Many famous actors from the US and some European unions wore this bomber wear to enhance their appearance in the movies. The women were also much interested in these outclass garments. Just like in the past, these jackets are also in trend and a favorite wardrobe item of most people.

End-less Trend of original b3 bomber jacket

Luxury Looks

A very cool thing about bomber outfits is their magnificent presence. The very first thing you see in a jacket or any other item is its looks. If the look is not good or not according to the consumer’s desire so, no matter how much quality it has. It became unworthy for the customer. Leslie Irvin designed this outfit with its amazing talent and the US military clothing board gave this design a physical shape. Both are they together make the look of this outfit totally fabulous. The shearling lining collar is the most special and iconic good-looking feature of this outfit. It gives you a very luxurious and comfortable look. It is the most unique element that also makes it distinct from others.

man looks Luxury by wearing a original b3 bomber jacket


Last but not the least, this classic outfit is user-friendly as it can be easily worn with your daily routine dresses. It fits very nicely with your regular clothes without making you uncool. These shearling outfits are available in different styles in the world’s fashion market. These various designs like asymmetric shearling collars and detachable shearling hoods are perfectly fit for casual occasions.

Suppose you are going to a new year’s festive party so; an asymmetric collar shearling jacket can enhance your cool appearance. You can pair it with your round-neck Tee, rough denim jeans, and suede leather shoes. This will nicely turn your personality into a smarter and cooler person.

User friendly look of original b3 bomber jacket

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