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Top 4 Things That Make Bomber Jackets Expensive

Why Are Bomber Jackets So Expensive?

The history of the b3 sheepskin bomber jacket tells us these jackets were introduced in world war I. There was no closure window option on the bomber planes. The pilots had to face the cold winds. The height of those planes was more than 25000 feet above the ground. The average temperature of these altitudes is -50℃. The pilots often were carrying heavy outfits that may protect them from the coldness. The US military aviation clothing association made a leather jacket outfit men in 1917. It was manufactured with the original horse and sheepskin. A high-knit collar, cuffs, waistband, and button-up closure were added to this jacket. This was the uniform of cockpit pilots. Yes, these outfits cost you high, and a big majority ask Why Are Bomber Jackets So Expensive. There are certain reasons that make bomber jackets expensive. 

The time passed and thing got changed. You can see many new inventions from the past 1900s to now. The leather outfits for ladies were also getting popular among women. The bomber jackets also introduced their new variants like A-1, A-2, B-3, B-6, G-1, and many more. The ww2 b3 flying jacket is the most iconic and outclasses model of the men sheepskin leather jacket. This model is on the people’s favorite wardrobe product list. It indeed costs you a bit expensive but it also provides you massive durability and extreme warmth. Its structure includes two vertical pockets and two leather straps to close its lining collar.

The main elements that make bomber jackets expensive are premium sheepskin and original sheep shearling fur.

Top 4 Things That Make Bomber Jackets Expensive

Along with the original leather and fur lining, some other factors also affect the bomber jacket’s price. We have mentioned below detailed fully all elements that make the leather bomber outfits expensive.

  1. Premium Sheepskin – Massive Durability
  2. Shearling lining – Extreme Warmth
  3. Outclass Finishing – Hard Craftsmanship
  4. Huge Demand – Trendy Look

Premium Sheepskin – Massive Durability

The B3 leather aviator jacket manufacturers use genuine sheep leather for its production. It is the most popular and best leather type for clothing products. You can get massive durability from this fine-quality leather compared to synthetic leather. It is also much better durable than the other new jacket manufacturing fabrics like nylon and polyester. Along with its massive durability, it is also soft and more lightweight than cowhide. A survey tells that sheep and lamb’s leather are more demanding in clothing products. The sheep leather is better than cowhide as for that the suppliers also bear more cost for that. All of this turns bomber jackets so expensive.

sheep leather for ww2 b3 flying jacket

Shearling Lining – Extreme Warmth

Everybody knows that a B3 flying bomber outfit has an original shearling lining. It producing from the tanned shorn sheep‘s fur. It includes two sides one has a clipped fur surface and the other has a suede surface. The b3 outfit has the fur side as an inner lining and the suede side is joined with the sheep leather. The insulation of sheep’s fur adds heavy weight to the outfit. This shearling lining is the hottest lining in the world which is why it is much more expensive than the others. Synthetic fur is also available in the market with the name of sherpa and faux fur. But this can’t produce enough warmth as the original fur can.

shearling fur ww2 b3 flying jacket

Outclass Finishing – Hard Craftsmanship

Making a leather jacket is not at all an easy job. Crafting a leather jacket requires a highly talented and capable workforce. Especially, when you are talking about crafting a B3 category jacket you need further talented craftsmen. The gag of leather and shearling fur to gather became much thick. It is very difficult to cut and stitch those heavy fabrics in a nice and pleasant way. A supplier bears more cost on the B3 jacket for its craftsmanship rather than a simple jacket. In this way, it adds more cost to the jacket.

Craftsmanship of  ww2 b3 flying jacket

Huge Demand – Trendy Look

The B3-type outfits never have gone untrendy by their magnificent looks. This luxury wear’s demand turns higher from the start of the Autumn season to the end of the winter season. The reason for increasing demand is its stylish design and superb warmth. At these times the price also turns high. You are probably thinking that “how does the demand affects prices?”. But if you are an economic student then you definitely know the reason. It is an economic factor that when the demand for any product gets high that price automatically turns higher.

trendy look of ww2 b3 flying jacket

Where To Buy Cheap Bomber Jackets

A large number of companies are selling aviator bomber jackets at present time. The prices of all those companies vary from each other. You can find cheap bomber jackets at Alibaba, Amazon, Esty, Walmart, and some other online E-Commerce platforms. A buyer can also evaluate the supplier’s image and make trust by checking its store’s feedback. Buying manually at the physical shop is also good but it takes too much of your time. The online store offers cheaper prices than the physical store. Because they don’t have to bear the store rent, utility bills, and labor expenses. There is another way to reduce the jacket cost. Ask the supplier to put synthetic leather and faux fur lining. This will reduce the jacket’s price in a big ratio. But it is also true that it will not be as warm or durable as the original one.

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