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Who Made the Original B3 Bomber Jacket?

Who Made the Original B3 Bomber Jacket?

The original b3 bomber jacket was the first design by Leslie Irvin in the early 1920s. But the officially b3 sheepskin bomber jacket was introduced by the US military aviation clothing board. They used the basic design of Leslie Irvin and made this iconic jacket. During World War I, the pilots flew their fighter planes to fight for their nation.

These planes were not had any enclosed features in them. The pilots faced both the frizzing winds and their other enemies. The US military feel the problem and established an aviation clothing board in 1917 during World War I. They officially start manufacturing leather jacket outfit men with heavy-duty horse hide. It had a wraparound collar, wind flaps, snug cuffs, waists, and fur lining.

History of Leslie Irvin & B3 Bomber Jacket

Leslie Irvin was a famous fledgling stunt man in the Californian film industry. He was born on September 10, 1895, in Los Angeles state of USA California. He jumped 1000 feet above ground in a plane in the Sky-High film in 1914. It was his first jump from an airplane. After that, he made many jumps and promotes to the US air force. He made a life-saving static line parachute. He started working with the US Air Service's parachute research team at McCook Field, Ohio. In April 1919, he free-falls jumped by some modern parachute for the first time. He officially establishes his company named Irving Air Chute in July 1919 in New York. It was the first parachute designing and manufacturing company along with leather jackets.

“In the early 1920s, Lesli Irvin designs the first men sheepskin leather jacket.”

Leslie Irvin move his company to the United Kingdom in 1926. He starts manufacturing jackets for the sheep leather jacket for England’s Royal Air Force. Soon he became the main supplier of aviator outfits for England’s Air Force. The demand for jackets was so high that Irvin puts new subcontractors in the company.

Irving Air Chute Company’s Growth

When Leslie Irvin moved his firm to the United Kingdom, his organization got popular on rabbit speed. Many of the UK pilots started wearing Irvin’s made jackets. He was very talented that he made his name as the main supplier of England’s air force. In September 1939 World War II started and the demand for jackets went higher.  This became the biggest reason for its company’s growth. This company was also manufacturing parachutes. It became the largest parachute manufacturing company. Many other countries also used Irvin's company parachutes. Germany was also one of those. But in 1936, Germany bought the patents of the Irvin company.

Irvin’s Efforts in World War II

Leslie Irvin build a Caterpillar Club in 1922. He announced to award a gold pin to those pilots who used Irving parachutes and bailed out from their disabled aircraft. His company also distributed the gold pins to those persons who use its parachute and saved their lives. He distributes more than 34000 gold pins to people. The other parachute companies also started giving gold and silver pins to those who used their parachutes. GC Parachutes, Switlik Parachute, and New Jersey are one of those parachute companies.

US Aviation Clothing Board with Flight Bomber Jacket

A-1 Bomber Jacket – 1927

The US military aviation clothing introduced an A-1 bomber jacket in 1927. This was designed for USA cockpit pilots. It was manufactured in original horse and sheep leather. A knit collar, cuffs, waistband, and button-up closure were added to this design. It was much more durable than its original leather material and very warm in its inner lining.

A-1 Bomber Jacket – 1927

A-2 bomber Jacket – Early 1930s

The US military clothing board came with a new type of bomber flight jacket in the early 1930s. This design was A-2 Bomber or Flying jacket. This was somehow similar to the previous jacket by design and material. There was a zip closer with a wind flap and a high collar which makes it looks unique. A-2 jacket had elasticized cuffs and a waist-band exactly like an A-1 jacket had.

A-2 bomber Jacket – Early 1930s

B3 Bomber Jacket – 1934

However, Leslie Irvin first introduced the original B3 bomber jacket design with the shearling lining. But it was officially standardized on May 8th, 1934 by the American military aviation clothing board. They used Irvin’s classic design and made this iconic outfit. It includes two leather straps to close the fur lining collar.

It has the ability to keep the wearer warm even at above 25000 feet above frizzing altitudes. The pilots flew their cockpits over the whole of Europe during World War II. The temperature at those high altitudes falls at -50℃ normally. The B3 aviator jacket is insulting with the thick original sheep shearling. These jackets are enough warm that they kept the pilots warm in those high altitudes. It became the uniform of bomber pilots. It still has known as a most warmth outfit.

original b3 bomber jacket

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