What Is a B3 Bomber Jacket

What Is a B3 Bomber Jacket - All You need to Know

What Is a B3 Bomber Jacket

The leather jackets outfits are a bit expensive but long-term investment apparel. It is much popular due to its magnificent warmth ability. No one item can beat a genuine b3 bomber jacket in this warming feature. It is was first time used by US army during world war 2. you can check here b3 bomber jacket history. It has enrolled itself in the top favorite item of both men’s and women’s wardrobes. The leather jacket outfit men demands go high in the winter due to its amazing warming feature. If you want to keep your body and make your personality stylish and trendy so, an original b3 bomber jacket is exactly what you need. It protects you against the frizzing winds without losing your fashion-oriented look.

What is a B3 Flying Jacket?

The world also known B3 bomber jacket as the B3 flying jacket. But why they called it B3 flying jacket or bomber jacket is very interesting. Actually, the US military designed this classic outfit for their aviator bomber pilots. That is the main reason behind its flying and bomber title. They flew their cockpits up high altitudes above 25000 feet. They needed an item that gave them enough warmth to face the high-altitude winds. Thus, the aviation clothing board introduced this extreme warmth wear that helped them a lot. Even it became the uniform of the cockpit pilots.

genuine b3 bomber flight jacket

When B3 Aviator Jacket was Crafted

The B3 category jacket came on the market in 1934 when the US cockpit pilots need and superb warm outfit. This outfit gave them massive protection against the frizzing climates. This was an updated model of another B-series jacket. This model soon gained much popularity and became a favorite wardrobe cloth not just for the pilots but also among the local public. Its original sheep fur collar was the most unique element that attracted both men and women. Two leather straps were pasted to close the collar. It doesn’t include the knit waist and wristband as the older flying jacket models had.

Type B3 Bomber jacket Background

The b3 aviator jacket was the most famous jacket among the pilots and as well as among the local public. But there were also some older models of these flying jackets. On the demand of the American military in 1917, their aviation chlothing board manufactured the very first jacket. They gave it the name A-1 bomber jacket. It was also the father of bomber jackets. They designed it to give enough warmness to the cockpit bombers. You can see a knitted collar, cuffs, waistband, and also a button-up to close the front side. Many of the local organizations started producing it in 1927 along with its other variants.

The next model of bomber jacket came on the market in 1931. They gave it the name A-2 bomber jacket. This design was slightly similar to the A-1 bomber jacket. Just like the A-1 model the US military chlothing board also manufactured this outfit with horse hide and some similar design cuts. A very prominent difference between A-1 and A-2 was that the A-1 model had buttons on its front. But the A-2 model had a zipper front to closure. It not just enhanced its smart look but also add some substance. After the A-1 and A-2 versions, the most famous B3 model was introduced with a distinguished look and enough durability.

old look of genuine b3 bomber jacket

Craftsmanship & Material That is Used in B3 Bomber Jacket

The type B3 flying jacket was perfectly crafted to keep the wearer warm and stylish. All of this is because of its high-quality material & craftsmanship that firms used to make a perfect jacket. The high-quality materials & excellent craftsmanship together made an untrendy and stylish outfit.


In ultimate cases, the firms produced B3 bomber outfit of veritably fine-class sheep leather. This formed him a veritably special and different appearance. The sheepskin is the most famous and widely used leather kind in most clothing particulars. It is because of its fine durability, less weight, flexibility, and warmth feature. This leather kind is also softer than cowhide and horse leather.

original sheep leather for genuine b3 bomber jacket

Shearling lining

The outer face of the B3 outfits was made of sheepskin and the liner of the original sheep fur enhanced its warmth ability. Together sheepskin and shearling produce a massive warmth that is unbeatable. It was the first jacket in history that has a heavy original sheep fur lining. This produced a very luxurious feeling for the wearer.

real sheep shearling fur for genuine b3 bomber jacket

Looks & Craftsmanship of B3 Flying Jacket

The type B3 flying outfit is not just famous for its extraordinary warmth ability but also for its distinguished appearances. Unlike the other older flying jacket models, it does not have a knit wrist and waistband. Instead, it includes the fur on its wrist and waistband for a more advanced look. The collar of this outfit attracts a vast array of people to itself. Its collar is lined with shearling fur and has two leather straps fixed to close the collar. A zipper front is added for the front closure.

B3 Jacket in Today’s World

In 1934 when the B3 jacket was presented to now many innovations and modifications can be seen. Exactly that now the fashion world is also continuously updating itself on daily bases. But the thing is even after the numerous innovations and fashion modifications the B3 jacket is still in style. In fact, along with the original B3 model now you can also see many child variants. The asymmetric fur collar and shearling-lined hooded jacket are the best examples of these child variants. This cool outfit is widely famous among both men and women at present time.

outclass looks of genuine b3 bomber jacket in Today’s World


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