How Warm Is a B3 Bomber Jacket

How Warm Is a B3 Bomber Jacket

How Warm Is a B3 Bomber Jacket

The US military aviation department first introduced the famous original b3 bomber jacket. This outfit was a uniform of US cockpit pilots. It is an updated type of mens shearling bomber jacket. The military air force faced many difficulties in World War 1 & 2. They often flew their fighter cockpits at 25000 feet above the ground. The climate at those high altitudes is too cold. That was at the top list of problems. The cockpit planes didn’t have any proper enclosed window system. They hardly needed a men leather outfit that should be massive warm and protect them from the extremely cold temperature.

The US air force clothing board produced a leather jacket with fur with the help of Leslie Irvin’s design in 1934. It was manufactured for the bomber pilots that’s why the world also called it a bomber, flight, and flying jacket. This outfit was very different in its designs and materials from the previous bomber leather sheepskin jacket.  It had an original sheep-shearling fur collar with two leather straps. This was the most special and unique feature of this outfit.

Warmth Capacity of a B3 Bomber Jacket

The best example of elaborating how much a b3 shearling outfit has warmth capacity is its manufacturing history. It was manufactured in World War 2 for the US military air force pilots. It became the air force cockpit pilot’s uniform due to its performance. The first and foremost duty of this outfit was to protect the bomber pilots from the frizzing winds. The pilots went up into the sky at very high altitudes. The average climate temperature of such high altitudes is around -50℃. These B3 shearling outfits keep the pilots warm in those frizzing weather. So definitely, you can say that:

 “The B3 bomber jacket is enough warm that it can be worn in even above - 10℃ temperatures to make your body warm. It includes in the warmest outfits list”.

What makes B3 bomber outfits warm

The materials of this iconic b3 jacket make it massively warm. The first ever bomber jacket was made with horse hide. But this B3 version was produced with the original sheep leather and some other special materials. Moreover, this model was also dignified by its world-famous lining. Below we described the mean warming material which makes this outfit massive warm.

Top Reasons make a original b3 bomber jacket warm

Original Sheep Leather

The outer face of these outfits includes original sheep and lamb’s leather. That is much popular among clothing items. Sheep leather has a soft, flexible quality along with a nice warmth ability. This 100% original leather came from sheep and lambs animals. The lamb’s skin is softer than the sheep leather as it is coming from young sheep. The young sheep’s leather is much better flexible, warm, and soft than the older sheep’s leather. Sheep leather is completely a luxury item in leather apparel.

sheep leather for the original b3 bomber jacket

Sheep Shearling Fur

The insulation and the most important thing that the b3 bomber outfit makes such warm is genuine sheep shearling fur. It gains from the sheep and lamb’s hair. It was the first time in clothing history that a jacket includes a shearling lining. This original sheep fur makes the jacket bulky and fluffy. The shearling fur is the warmest lining. This warmest lining makes the outfit enough warm to make it wearable in even less than 10℃ temperatures. The B3 bomber outfit also includes a shearling fur lining collar. It enhances the fashionable and warming capacity of this outfit.

The 100% real sheepskin outer face and sheep shearling fur lining together make this outfit extremely warm. The craftsmen join these two materials very nicely and make them more productive, durable, and warmer.

original shearling fur for the original B3 Bomber Jacket shearling leather

Are the bomber jackets good for winter?

The climate turns very cold and humid in the winter season. The shearling bomber and other leather jackets are a very nice investment for the winter. Their distinguished looks and extremely warming ability will never let you down. The demand and sales graph goes high for these outfits during the cold winter. These outfits have both features of stylishness and warmth ability. A B3 shearling outfit is the best option for the cold winter seasons.

The shearling B3 outfit is too much warm that it could be worn at - 10℃ (14°F). We would like to mention some US state’s climate temperatures here. It will help you to better understand that these outerwears are perfect for winter or cold climates. The average temperature of the whole USA is -3.0℃. The most popular New York state turns at above -4.8℃ in winter. The temperature comes at 5 to 7℃ in USA’s biggest population state California.

Along with the American continent, these shearling outfits are also perfect for most European unions. In Denmark, Germany, Finland, Ukraine, Slovakia, Serbia, and some other countries winter average temperature goes below 0 ℃. That’s why these leather outfits are very demanding in the winter and autumn seasons.

woman wearing a original b3 bomber jacket in winter

How to style with a B3 shearling jacket in winter

By reading all of this article, you may understand the warming capacity of shearling bomber outfits. Now it’s time to update you with the basic dressing code for this iconic outfit. You don’t need to wear multiple heavy inner clothes with this shearling outerwear. You just need to pair it with your regular tee or plain shirt if the weather is normal outside. If the temperature is cold so, we recommend you to dress this outfit with your sweater shirt and rough denim jeans. This will turn your look as fully outclass and cool.

styling with a original B3 Bomber Jacket

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