How To Make a Leather Vest

7 Steps to make a leather Vest

How To Make a Leather Vest

The stylish mens leather waistcoat got huge demand at the early stage of its introduction. A leather vest is very goog option to turn your appearance into a rugged personality. The designers made the very first leather wear at the critical time of WW1. The main purpose of these outfit production is to keep the US aviation soldiers warm at high altitudes. This shearling flight jacket soon takes the attention of the local public. A large number of people started to wear these outfits. These outfits exactly fall at the customer’s needs then and even now. Irvin Schott the famous personality introduces the first fashion men leather outfit.

The world continuedly to update the old things. The female leather outfits were also a new create invention of the fashion industry. The classic leather vests are also an updated version of leather jackets. The designers update the fashion industry with their extraordinary talent and made the fashion vest for a sharp look. The manufacturing process of a leather-made vest is somehow similar to the jacket manufacturing process. This process requires a very fine skill of craftsmanship. Grimpp owns a brilliant work force of craftsmanship. They are producing the famous leather vests and mens lightweight down vest in a very fine way. We have made brief research with help of our skilled craftsmen and designers that how to make a leather vest. Grimpp has made useful points that will help you for making your customized vest at home.

You need to get the design pattern, production materials, and some extra hardware stuff for production purposes. Then cut the leather regarding the pattern and sew it nicely.

Materials require to make a leather Vest

The materials are the very first thing that you are going to need in the production process of your beloved outfit. Keep in your mind, that the higher the quality material you use the higher the quality result you will get. Grimpp has made an important material list for the production process of fine vests.  

Style Pattern

The pattern of your desired style vest is an initial requirement for making it. Select your favorite style in the vast array of vest styles. You are required to arrange that vest style pattern as per your body measurements. The eCommerce store has thousands of digital patterns. Etsy is much popular on these online platforms for digital pattern selling at a reasonable price. Find your favorite style pattern in those large listings. Grimpp suggests you convert these digital patterns into the physical form when you got them. This will be very useful for you in the production process.

Men leather wear pattern

Leather Fabric

Leather is the most useful material for the production of a fine leather vest. You are free to choose your favorite leather type for your outerwear. Cowhide and buffalo leather are the most iconic leather type for vest apparel. Both types are famous due to their amazing durability and tough features. We are using these hides in our stylish and causal vests and also recommend you to use one of these types of making a causal vest.

Another popular type of leather is sheep and lamb’s skin. These are famous due to their lightweight and smooth surface features. The fashion industry used these hide types in the formal vests types. It will give you more purified and reasonable for formal occasions. The faux leather type is also widely selling and available at low prices in today’s fashion industry. But note down one thing here. Faux leather could not give you durability like genuine leather.


Inner linings are the second most useful material in vests. Today’s world is introduced multiple lining types nowadays. These linings are cotton, polyester, shearling, faux wool, and leather lining. Cotton and polyester are the most popular lining types in vest apparel. You can choose one of these two inner linings. Cotton is a natural material and has the ability of breathing and moisturizing absorption. Polyester inner linings are a much stronger and more durable material. We recommend you select the polyester lining for your special vest. 

leather jacket inner linings

Hardware & Customizing Stuff

The hardware stuff is the last material thing that you going to need while making a leather vest. You are going to need multiple hardware stuff when you are thinking to make your outfit at home. Fusible stay tape, matching thread, measuring tape, pins, a 4-thread serger, and a sewing machine are the common hardware elements. The zips and buckles are also needed as per the style.

Most people like to have customized outfits to seek more attention from people. This stuff includes stones, sequins, stars, printings, embroidered patches, and some other customizing-related stuff. You can also find these customizing materials at Esty or any other digital eCommerce platform.

customized leather vest

7 Steps to make a leather Vest

  1. Put the patterns on the leather skin and trace an outline using a removable ink pen.
  2. Slowly cut the leather on the traced portion.
  3. Repeat this process for the inner lining part.
  4. Take the cut leather and lining pieces one by one and sew them according to your pattern.
  5. Sew the leather piece with the lining front side first.
  6. Join the front side with the back side from the shoulders and back portion.
  7. Paste the hardware stuff at last like zips and other things.

 making a leather Vest


  • Don’t mix up the pattern sizes and parts like chest, shoulder, back, etc.
  • Paste the outfit’s part names on the pattern part.
  • Use only a removable ink pen or pencil at the time of tracing the leather and inner lining.
  • Do practice on the waste leather or other useless fabrics before stitching it. You can also view some tutorial videos on YouTube.
  • If you want some customization like printing or embroidered patches. So, get it on the cut part before stitching it.
  • Saw the cut pieces according to the sequence.
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