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6 Elements that affect the B 2 bomber jacket cost

How Much B 2 Bomber Cost

Mens leather wear is very popular in the whole fashion world. Just like that a very the B-2 bomber jacket is also much popular among people since its early introduction. This is simply an iconic type of mens shearling bomber jacket. It was introduced at the time of World Wars 1 and 2. It resolved the problem of the cockpit bomber air force which had to go up in the sky and fought for their nation. This leather sheepskin jacket helped the pilots a lot and keep them warm above 25000 feet high altitudes. Soon it became the uniform and a trademark of the US air force military.

B2 bomber outfit has a short body length just like the ww2 b3 flying jacket. Its bottom length ends at the waistline and has an elastic knitted rib at the end. The sleeves of this jacket also include knitted rib cuffs. The front zipper closure reaches up to the shearling fur collar. It provides superb warmth and a luxury look to the wearers. Usually, it includes two side pockets on its frontal side. It has a genuine sheepskin leather outer face that provides you with much durability with nice flexibility. The inside of these outfits insulates with the original shearling fur that makes them massive warm. The shearling leather jacket women also include some extra customization features such as stones and sequins.

Cost of B 2 Bomber Jacket

The cost of a leather b-2 bomber outfit is a bit complex due to the various materials used. The original B2 bomber jacket will cost you 1400 – 1600 USD. But you can also find this outfit for around 500 to 1500 + US dollars.

You probably thinking that why it has such a big price difference. The thing is a leather outfit or any other product, they include different factors that separately affect the product’s cost. We have listed briefly some elements that affect the b2 jacket cost.

6 Elements that affect the B 2 bomber jacket cost

While measuring the cost of a jacket or any other product, there are some factors to note.  You should have a brief knowledge of some elements that directly and indirectly affect the cost of that product. We have listed down the elements that help you to understand the cost measurements of a B2 leather outfit.

Leather Type

Real leather is a natural material that gains from different animals such as cows, sheep, goats, horses, etc. Every leather type has some unique ability in it that generate its prices. The cow and horse hide are stronger as compared to other leather types. The sheep, goat, and lambs’ skins are soft, lightweight, and more flexible.  Today’s world made a vast array of innovations. Synthetic leather is also a fantastic innovation of man. It is less costly compared with any original leather. Now here is a thing to understand. A jacket that is made with original leather defiantly costs high and synthetic leather is obviously less costly.

The b2 bomber outfit includes original sheep leather. These leather jackets often cost high as they are more durable. On the other hand, the synthetic leather outfit often lists 300 – 500 USD.

sheep leather for ww2 b3 flying jacket

Shearling Fur

Everyone knows that B3 or B-2 bomber jackets are insulted with the shearling fur. Just like the leather types, the shearling fur is also available in both forms original and faux. The original sheep shearling fur comes from the sheep hire and has a very high price. It is the costliest item in bomber outfits. Jackets with genuine sheep shearling fur often have prices between 1200 – 1500+ USD. It is costly but it is much warmer than faux fur.

The faux fur is a man-made item and less costly than the original one. The prices of faux fur jackets are between 500 – 800 USD. These are less costly but also have low warming ability.

shearling fur ww2 b3 flying jacket

Hardware Material Quality

The quality is a very significant element in a jacket either if you talk about leather or some hardware stuff. The hardware stuff of bomber jackets includes zips and some buckles. You can check the zip quality by moving it up and down fastly. If it goes nicely and doesn’t stuck while moving so, this means it is a good zip. A good hardware material jacket definitely costs you high and a low-quality material jacket is often available at a low price.

ww2 b3 flying jacket Hardware stuff


Craftsmanship is the process that nicely represents the whole jacket or any other item. No matter how much quality material a firm use in its product. If the craftsmen don’t put nice effort so, it never looks good. You can’t compare the quality or price of cheap craftsmanship to high-quality craftsmanship. That is why the high-quality crafted jacket is expensive. The low-quality crafted item is available at low prices. But they are also not comparable with high-quality craftsmanship jackets or any other products.

Craftsmanship of  ww2 b3 flying jacket

Brand’s Image

The brand’s image or goodwill also affects the prices of the products. The product price range reflects the brand’s image. The brands such as Adidas and puma have very costly products as they have large goodwill. On the other hand, the product prices of any local seller are often low than any popular brand.

brand's image metter in ww2 b3 flying jacket


There are a large number of people who wants some additional customization on the jackets or some other products. These customizations include their name or customize logos in printing or embroidery form. The custom sizes or styles also fall in this category. Ladies usually like to wear custom outfits to look more attractive in society. A custom-made b2 jacket or any other product will cost you more than a regular item. It is because it cost more time-consumption, extra charges, and more effort.

Customization patches on ww2 b3 flying jacket

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